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Our work

“The Dharma Psychotherapy Institute offers more than the conventional psychotherapy services for a variety of psychological conditions and personal issues. We offer a holistic approach to counseling. We provide effective, caring and conscientious services to individuals (children, adolescents, and adults), couples, groups and families. Our psychotherapy treatments integrate traditional cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) with transpersonal psychology, wellness classes and healing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and life skills training to promote intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.”


The strategies used in CBT analyzes the relationships among thoughts, feelings and behavior to address the symptoms of psychological and emotional distress. At Dharma we combine CBT with holistic healing, to allow the clients to develop and create their own goals and strengths. This method of discovering inner knowledge, gaining self-awareness and encouraging a healthy life style aims to guide people on their own journey toward self-discovery and personal growth.


These services are provided at Dharma, at our clients' homes, or at our clients' schools based on the therapist modality, as well as the therapist and the client's schedule. (Hypnotherapy sessions are provided at the office.)


Workshops, wellness classes and educational programs are provided at our institute and in different community facilities and through partnerships with other wellness institutions.

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